Wu Bi Ta 等待 Wu Bi Ta 等 待 阿美族傳統歌謠演唱:希巨蘇飛、馬修連恩 編曲:馬修連恩 (阿美族歌詞詞意)在等你的夜晚我一個人在街頭等你卻不見你的人影微風的那個夜晚我更加想念你無法控制我的思緒就只是想著你的一切 All alone(獨自的)Just a solitary man(就這麼一個孤寂的男人)With a deep and heavy heart(有著一顆深沉的心靈)They could never understand(他人永遠無法了台北港式飲茶解)And I wonder, did it hurt(我不知道你的心是否受傷)When you wrote your final words(當你寫下最後的遺言)And with no more to say(不再說任何話)you turned and went away(你轉身離去)With the passing of the tide(隨著潮浪過往)In the shadow of a song(在這首歌曲之後)To a place where you belong(將到達那個屬於你的地方) (阿美族歌詞詞意)在等你的夜晚我一個人在街頭等你京站美食卻不見你的人影微風的那個夜晚我更加想念你無法控制我的思緒就只是想著你的一切 All alone(獨自的)As I stand upon the shore(我佇立在岸邊)I hear you stop the car(聽見你停車的聲音)And the closing of the door(然後關上車門)As you walked into the sea(當你走進海裡)To become a memory(變成了回憶)Where did you finally let it slip away(最終你還是讓它溜走)As the waves 宜蘭民宿washed over you(當海潮洗滌你的全身)Did you know it all along(你知不知道我始終)That I would ever write this song(會為你寫下這首歌) All alone(獨自的)in the darkness of the night(在黑暗的深夜裡)Beneath a million stars(百萬顆星子)And they shone like candlelight(如同燭光般閃耀著)As you headed out to sea(當你把自己交給大海)You performed the final scene(演出最後商務中心一幕)An poet's tale, A artist's dream(一個詩人的傳說,一個藝術家的夢)Of letting go(放開手)Releasing everything(釋放一切)And as the curtain falls(落幕時刻)I can hear the people sing(我可以聽見人們這樣唱著) (阿美族歌詞詞意)在等你的夜晚我一個人在街頭等你卻不見你的人影微風的那個夜晚我更加想念你無法控制我的思緒就只是想著你的一切無法控制我的思緒就只是想租房子著你的一切
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